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Female Submissive Blogs

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 Eloquent Ramblings of a Sensual Slavegurl   - Female Blogs Submissive
Starla Says -   I stumbled across this site when it first opened and have enjoyed it since. My main complaint is the difficulty in reading. Done on black with white print is hard enough but the text is some form of corsiva or script. Makes it difficult to read.  She writes honestly and openly about her relationship with her Master. I cannot pinpoint what it is about this blog maybe it is the honesty, but I keep going back for more. There is no drama,  its refreshing and thoughtfully expressive. 
Reviewed April 2 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 

Imperfect grace   - Female Blogs Submissive
Starla Says -   A journal a little over a year old  with frequent updates and tons of content.  Easy to navigate  and working links. Her blog is a journal of her thoughts and progress as she discovers her way in the world of submission. Her post are thoughtful, informative and  a labor of love. She also includes a Infraction link which I found interesting .  This is a good read and well worth the afternoon visit.

Reviewed April 2 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 

Ramblings Of An Insatiable Submissive -   - Female Blogs Submissive
Starla Says -   A submissive view from the mind of a 30 something,  with kids, cats, ex husbands and animals. Opened in 2006 the blog has infrequent updates although what is there is honest and easy to read. Early March she claims to be taking a break so we shall see where the site goes. 
Reviewed April 2 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 


 Laani's Blog    - Female Blogs Submissive
Starla Says -   Another pink blog done on blogger. It is ad and pop up free which is the norm for blogger. One thing it does dive into is the age play aspect of a BDSM relationship. Gives an open view to the unique relationship that consist between her and her Daddy.  Being a relatively new blog, if this is an interest to you then you may want to keep an eye on it. 

Terra Says - Laani's blog is ad free, set up on blogger using the basic template. The author gives the readers an insight into their Ageplay dynamic thru her scene reports and fiction The author is relatively new to the public blogging world, this blog opened up in Nov 2007.  This could be a blog to watch, to see how the authors relationship with her Daddy and her readers develops.  The voice in the blog was one that was hard for this one to identify with, but it will be interesting to check up from time to to time, as Laani finds her voice.

2.5 stars from me.

Reviewed March 12 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 

 Kinks and Collars  - Female Blogs Submissive
Starla Says -   The erotic story of the life of a multifaceted  slave. She shares with us daily tidbits, vanilla, short essays, 
and some hot scene reports. The journal is on the basic blogger with the basic pink (why does everyone use pink??) background. No ad content and few links. A good journal to follow..:)

Terra Says - is the daily blog of a girl that is an exotic dancer and a slave to her Master.  Set up on blogger with the basic pink background and very little ad content.  Set up in March of 07, this blog is nearly a year old now.  There are scene reports, day in the life reports and random pictures through the site.  This is definitely a journal of a journey of a relationship.

Reviewed March 12 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 

Cherry's Corner Blog-Diary of a Daddy's girl slave -

Starla Says -  New blogs are always difficult to review for the content is low. This blog is written via live journal with little advertising content and  given that it is only a couple of months old. Numerous journal entries about her life as Daddy's girl slave. Its open and honest, well written. Looking forward to seeing where this blog goes. 


Angel Says - This is a new blog. What was there was very hot. I hope this blog takes off!


Reviewed June 3  2007- Cost- Free  - Advertising Content - none



Whisper in a Dream-My D/s Reality -

Starla Says - One of the things we  review on is a consistent theme throughout the site. this makes it easier for the reader to navigate. With this site each page is like its own site with its own theme. If you looking for graphics then this site has numerous designs. If you can get passed the numerous  designs and themes then the site is full of information and links. This site is a labor of love and worth a peek. 


Angel Says - A site that deals with things that touch my own heart, D/s and special needs children. I enjoyed this site. I did find the inconsistency of theme distracting, but the wealth of information far outweighed that. Go have a look.


Reviewed May 18  2007- Cost- Free  - Advertising Content - none


Inside the Velvet Rope

Starla Says - Another one of my favorites! This site has remained consistent throughout the years. Written openly and honestly. This African American woman  discusses her life all the ups and downs a no holds barred site.  True, open and honest, without the drama often found in other blogs. A great read!


Angel Says - Lovely design on this site. This was a new blog for me and I enjoyed the author's style very much. Seems very heartfelt.


 Reviewed May 18  2007- Cost- Free  - Advertising Content - none



Always His -

Starla Says - Nicely laid out site, pleasing to the eyes with no overly bold colors or design. Theme is consistent throughout and its updated on a fairly regular basis. Its not a new site having been around since 2004 and contains hours worth of reading for those interested in diving into this submissives mind. Beware this lady writes openly and honestly and at times contains scene reports and language. 


Angel Says - The very complicated life of a submissive woman. Updated with fair frequency. Ranges from laments about her personal problems to graphic scene reports to everyday life. Nice design, easy to navigate.


Reviewed Feb 13  2007- Cost- Free  - Advertising Content - None


Surrendered to Him - Always and Forever -  

This site is written by a slave serving her Master. First appearances can be deceiving for there is no consistent theme throughout the site. When entering you note that the galleries have not been updated in over a year and numerous links are not working. Hence why a three star was given. However upon entering the journal you will find yourself engulfed in the life of this slave. Her love and devotion for her Master is seen clearly through her writings. Its open  and honest talking about mundane life, and kids, to intense, sometimes extreme scene reports. What lacks in the entrance and additional pages is  surely made up in the journal. 

Reviewed Feb 4  2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - None



Yes Master - The Vanilla Side of Life - This site is brand new  written by a female that is showing the world the vanilla side of BDSM. Updates are done about once a week, small, simple.  It is too early to tell what this site will turn out like. A review at a later date will be needed. 

Reviewed Feb 4  2007-Cost- Free - Advertising Content - very little



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